Technical Assistance

Die Casting Consultant and Technical Services Department:

The Technical Department at Eastern Alloys focuses mainly on two main aspects: Problem Solving, Technology Transfer & Market Development. We provide die casting consulting free of charge to our customers.

Problem Solving and Technology Transfer:

Die casters must apply the latest technologies in order to stay competitive. Customers benefit from Eastern Alloys' introduction of PQ2 principles to calibrate and measure the capabilities of die casting machines.

This new technology, coupled with the latest gate and die-design concepts, assists customers to achieve faster production on smaller casting machines at lower processing costs and higher quality levels. Eastern works with customers at seminars and in their plants to demonstrate these benefits as part of a continuing technology transfer program.

Eastern Alloys has a fully equipped Metallurgical laboratory and an extensive technical library which are essential ingredients in helping assist customers in solving technical problems, and maximize quality levels, production rates and profitability.

Chemical Analysis:

As an added service provided to preferred customers, Eastern Alloys makes its A2LA certified lab available for chemical analysis (OES/ICP) on samples of customer's products.

Market Development:

Eastern Alloys' design seminars and promotional services generate new zinc alloy opportunities.

Eastern Alloys assists customer and OEMs with new zinc applications by providing:

  •     Technical information
  •     Support literature
  •     Product design assistance
  •     Prototyping and sourcing help

Ryan Winter giving a marketing seminar on zinc die casting

Ryan Winter giving a marketing seminar on zinc die casting.

Eastern Alloys also has a close relationship with organizations such as Interzinc, IZA, AZA, ILZRO, and DDC, which gives us access to current worldwide research results and design data for all the range of zinc alloys.

For more information concerning die casting consulting or other information, please contact the Technical department at Eastern Alloys:

Ryan Winter (VP Engineering Services) - Click to Contact Ryan.

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