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Eastern Alloys manufactures a comprehensive line of purpose developed EAZALL™ coating alloys providing optimal corrosion-protection for steel strip, shapes, and tubing and wire products. EAZALL™ brand alloys meet the needs of the largest continuous steel strip and sheet-coating mills to after-fabrication hot dip galvanizers to high-speed tubing and wire coaters. New technology allows steel products to effectively compete for new structural and architectural applications, many of which depend upon zinc coatings as an economical means of corrosion protection. Much of this growth is a result of new zinc coating alloys such as Galvalume® and Galfan™ designed for specific properties and performance.    

Eastern Alloys produces EAZALL™ coating alloys at its flagship facility located in Maybrook, New York, in the heart of the historic Hudson Valley region, and at Eastern Alloys of Kentucky, LLC, the company's green-site facility in Henderson, Kentucky. The new operation, commissioned in April 2000, is the most technologically advanced zinc alloy and recycling complex constructed in North America. Each is ISO-9000 registered. Unique to Eastern Alloys, Galvalume® is manufactured in electric induction furnaces. Eastern Alloys of Kentucky features twin 12.5 tons 1750 kW Inductotherm melters that can produce over 50 tons per day. The use of electric induction furnaces provides exacting chemical composition and homogeneity. Of additional interest, Eastern Alloys is the leading manufacturer of Galfan™ in North America. Galfan™, developed by ILZRO, differs from other coating alloys in its composition containing rare earth metals, Cerium and Lanthanum. The principle feature of Galfan™-coated products is the ductility of the zinc coating. As a result, Galfan™-coated products offer creative solutions for intricately shaped products requiring the strength and formability of steel.

The Eastern Alloys product range includes “pre-mixed” coating alloys, as well as master alloys for bulk-bath chemistry management and customer self-alloying. Alloys are manufactured according to the ASTM specifications, or customized to customer-specific requirements. Steel-coating alloys are supplied in convenient, easy-to-handle 22-pounds ingots, in ASTM strip, or custom jumbo sows for large capacity continuous coating lines. Eastern's coating alloys can be found at the world's leading steel coaters.

As an adjunct to its steel coating alloys, Eastern Alloys provides dross recycling/recovery programs.

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Alloys Description

Galvanize Coating Galvanizing is the most common hot-dip coating method of steel sheet. The word “galvanize” comes from the galvanic protection that zinc provides to steel when exposed to a corroding environment. Zinc provides a combination of a galvanic and physical barrier protection to steel, offering excellent corrosion protection in a variety of environments.
Galvaneal Coating To improve the weldability, abrasion resistance and paintability of Galvanized steel products, an annealing process can be incorporated in the galvanizing line. This process adds additional heat to the coated product, causing diffusion alloying of the zinc and steel, creating a final coating product containing up to 8-11% iron.
Brightener Master Alloys Most Galvanizing lines have an annealing option. In order to achieve an optimal annealing performance, the galvanizing bath chemistry is modified to 0.1% Aluminum (from 0.25% Aluminum for Galvanized coatings). When converting the Galvaneal Coating bath back to a Galvanizing bath, Brightener master alloys are used to add the required aluminum content. There are two forms of Brightener Alloys: 95-5 Brightener (5% Brightener) and 90-10 Brightener (10% Brightener). In addition, these Brightener alloys are also used to maintain the aluminum content in the galvanizing bath on an on-going basis.
Galvalume® This steel coating product offers a better physical barrier than standard galvanized coatings, and offers better corrosion resistance in most environments. Eastern Alloys manufactures “Pre-mixed” Galvalume® to those manufacturing facilities who do not want the challenges associated with the alloying process, including purchasing metals, melting & mixing and testing. Eastern Alloys also manufactures Aluminum Silicon master alloys that are also used to simplify the alloying process for Galvalume®.
Galfan This product is used on steel products requiring higher ductility/formability, with the same galvanic/physical barrier protection as galvanized products. Galfan is used often in wire or tube products that require higher levels of ductility after production. Eastern Alloys produces several variations with higher Aluminum content. These are used to help maintain and adjust the bath chemistry. They are also for lines that are using a double dip process.


Steel Coating Alloys
(Composition, % wt.)
95-5 Brightener
90-10 Brightener
   Type A3
Type A4
Type A1
Type A2
Al 54-59 4.2-6.2 4.5-5.5 4.5-5.5 9.5-10.5 9.5-10.5 Bal
Fe 0.2 0.075 0.02 0.15 0.05 0.15 Varies based on product requirement
Pb 0.01 0.005 0.004 0.4 0.005 0.40
Cd 0.05 0.005 0.003 - 0.004 -
Sn 0.05 0.002 0.002 - 0.003 -
Cu 0.03 - 0.03 0.5 0.035 0.5
Si 0.9-2.3 0.015 - - - - 2-4
Ce & La - 0.03-0.1 - - - - Varies based on product requirement
As - - - - - -
Cr 0.05 - - - - -
Mn 0.05 - - - - -
Ni 0.05 - - - - -
Ca 0.05 - - - - -
Ti 0.01 - - - - -
Li 0.05 - - - - -
Others, each... - 0.02 - - - -
Others, each... - 0.04 -   0.01 0.25
Zn 41-44 Balance Balance Balance Balance Balance
Color Code
Orange/Green Purple/Blue Red/Blue Red/Yellow Red/Green Red/Black  

Shapes and Sizes

Products Shapes and Weights
(click on a shape below for details)
 IngotsStandard SowDouble JumboStrip JumboHalf Sow
90-10 Brightener 22 2,400 - 2,400 1,200
95-5 Brightener 22 2,400 - 2,500 -
Galfan™ 22 2,400 - 2,500 1,200
Galvalume® - 1,300 2,350 1,450 -

Disclaimer: GALVALUME® is an internationally registered trademark of BIEC International Inc. and some of its licensed producers.

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