Maybrook, NY

While planning the start-up of Eastern Alloys, Inc. Richard J. Bauer, the company's founder, recognized the importance of a prime location. After an exhaustive site selection process it was decided that New York's historic Hudson Valley region would become home to Eastern Alloys, Inc in 1965. Located in Maybrook on a 90 acre wooded campus at the foot of the Catskill Mountains, Eastern Alloys is 60 miles northwest of New York City, convenient to I-84, I-95, I-80, I-86, and I-81. From an historical perspective Maybrook is 10 miles west of the Hudson River, 15 miles north of the United States Military Academy at West Point and a few short miles from General George Washington's Revolutionary War encampment at New Windsor. Washington Irving's literary classics, Sleepy Hollow and Rip Van Winkle, were written in the shadow of the Hudson River.

Today Eastern's Maybrook operation is widely acknowledged as the most comprehensive zinc alloy manufacturing and recycling center in North America. The company's corporate administration, engineering, sales & marketing, accounting, and materials management functions are located in Maybrook. Over the years, as demand for its products increased Eastern invested in new capacity and technology. At present production capacity exceeds 90,000 tons per year. Noteworthy production hardware includes:

  •     The world's second largest zinc alloy immersion tube furnace with 165-ton capacity. Note: since its installation the Maybrook furnace was the largest such furnace in operation until the installation of a 193 ton capacity furnace at Eastern Alloys of Kentucky, L.L.C., April 2000.
  •     Eleven, 33,000-pound capacity, gas-fired alloying furnaces.
  •     Four 200 KW channel induction furnaces with a production capacity of 82,000 per day.
  •     Two high-speed ingot-casting conveyors.

Recycling post industrial and post consumer zinc alloy scrap compliments Eastern's customer-centric strategy. Maybrook recycling operations feature purpose-engineered systems and technology insuring the highest practical recoveries with full environmental compliance. Today, with cradle to grave responsibility for post-industrial scrap falling to the generator, selecting a recycling partner is serious business. Eastern Alloys provides stackable heavy-duty steel containers for safe and efficient scrap and dross storage, handling, and transportation. Delivery and pick-up of these containers is coordinated with alloy deliveries. Eastern's recycling programs serve as a quality control check on customer in-plant metal handling. Eastern analyzes each dross and scrap item for recovery percentage and purity. If contaminants (Pb, Sn, and Cd) are present or if recoveries do not meet expectation the customer is informed and advised to identify the root cause. In certain cases, Eastern's Customer Engineering Services group will follow up to assist in development of an improvement program.

In many cases a direct scrap purchase program is preferred. Generally LME-based, this alternative is gaining in acceptance. The benefits include elimination of scrap as an inventory item, prompt credits or payments, and level loading of purchased raw materials. In an environment where cash flow is increasingly important Eastern's scrap purchase program may be a valuable tool to achieve important financial goals and objectives.

To provide optimal customer response Eastern maintains a comprehensive range of alloys in all shapes. Customers can choose from 22 pounds or 14 ingots, 1200 or 4800-pound jumbo sows Finished good inventory is bar code controlled to insure accurate order fulfillment. Eastern's unique perforated bar code label accompanies each product (package) and can be used at the customer location. These same bar code labels feature alloy designation, heat number, package (bundle/sow) weight and are traceable to alloy chemistry.

To support customer's requirements, Eastern ships from its JIT inventory. Eastern operates a fleet of tractor-trailers that can reach any destination in 24 hours. Same day delivery in New England and the Mid-Atlantic States is routine. Eastern rail siding and container shipment capabilities provide customer alternative means of receiving product.

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