Market Development

While the company's heritage is rooted in metallurgy and manufacturing, Eastern Alloys has been at the front of market development from the earliest days. From the beginning, the mission has been to expand the use of zinc alloy die-castings. The notion of creating customer value applies as accurately now as it did more than 35 years ago. Eastern Alloys' success is hard-wired to that of its customers. In absolute terms. It is that simple, and no one works harder to support the zinc alloy die casting market than Eastern Alloys. Whether it was the IZAA Marketing Conference series, Washington Conference for Zinc, ZA Alloy Market Development, Australian Die Casting Technology Transfer, Interzinc, ACuZinc, Galfan, Galvalume®, or other projects and programs, Eastern Alloys has been steadfast in its support of the market at-large. That commitment continues unabated. To meet the needs of a changing marketplace, Eastern Alloys has recently developed innovative programs and services to assist customers with price risk management, supply chain management, strategic market planning, and customer satisfaction analysis and benchmarking.

Eastern Alloys is uniquely configured to collaborate with zinc alloy die-casting manufacturers. The company effectively manages its customer relationships with the largest direct sales engineering staff in North America. From Boston to Birmingham, Miami to Minneapolis, Detroit to Dallas, Chicago to Charlotte, and all points in between, Eastern Alloys sales engineers are meeting with customers and prospects to satisfy current requirements and drive new market growth. Without exception, the singular focus of the market development team is zinc, all day, every day.

The traditional Eastern Alloys market development model is based upon close collaboration with its customers, forward integrating to tier manufacturers and OEM's to produce sustained profitable growth at each point along the supply chain. From product concept and design to material selection, from tooling design to process control parameters, from manufacturing to the marketplace, Eastern Alloys delivers results. If zinc is important to your business, Eastern Alloys should be an active part of your strategic supply plan.

For more information Eastern Alloys and its wide range of products and services, contact the Eastern Alloys sales engineer nearest you, or send inquiries to Ryan Winter.

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