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    Eastern Alloys manufactures and distributes zinc and aluminum alloys for the die casting and steel coating industries.

    List of major zinc die casting and other zinc alloys provided.
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    Our services are designed to help our customers succeed in a competitive marketplace.

    Expert service provided, assisting with zinc diecast marketing and technical know-how
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    We have a strict quality system to ensure our products are to spec and dependable.

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    Eastern Alloys Inc ISO Certification, A2LA Certification
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    Publications, software and other resources on zinc alloys and zinc diecasting alloys

Eastern Alloys, Inc. - Manufacturer of Zinc Alloys for the Zinc Die Casting, Foundry and Steel Coating Industries

Eastern Alloys manufactures world-class zinc alloys for the die casting, foundry and steel coating industries using state-of-the-art processing technologies. Zinc products are marketed under the EAZALL® trade name and manufactured in Eastern's modern 100,000-square-foot plant on a 90-acre site in Maybrook, New York, 60 miles north of New York City; and at Eastern's newer Henderson, Kentucky plant.

Our list of products include zinc die casting alloys, slush casting alloys, steel coating alloys, gravity casting alloys, and mold base ("Kirksite") alloys.  By manufacturing quality alloys, maintaining an A2LA certified lab, and providing unrivaled technical services, Eastern Alloys has raised the bar for customer satisfaction.

Eastern Alloys is also a technical resource for the die casting industry, and our website is a leading resource of information regarding the die casting process.  If the information you are looking for is not found on our website, or if you are considering making die casting parts and are looking for a die casting manufacturer, please contact us directly to discuss your needs.


Contact Ryan Winter (rwinter@eazall.com) to discuss consulting options regarding the die casting process.  We can help you:

  • Correctly determine the root cause of die casting defects and suggest possible remedies to improve yield.
  • Examine your die casting process to help improve effiency.
  • Consult in tooling design to improve the casting process.
  • Train in various die casting tools such as PQ^2 & shot monitoring.
  • Liason between you and your customer regarding hard to answer die casting material questions.
  • Work with your die casting supplier to improve process conditions.
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